Windows 10: What It Has For Gamers

Microsoft have done an excellent job at optimizing their operating system for the gaming industry. Nearly all PC gaming is done on the Windows system nowadays due to Microsoft delivering powerful performance in games. Although you can still play games on Apple products, you’re likely to find more hardware and tools to fine-tune performance with Windows. Even if you built a hackintosh and get a powerful GPU, you’re still fairly limited in regards to what you can do with it when running OS X.

So we’ve established that Windows in all ways is the better choice for gaming but what about what versions are good for gaming? Microsoft launched their all-new Windows 10 back in July 2015 and a year has passed already. So what exactly did Windows 10 have to offer for the gaming culture?

Great video provided from Digital Trends – so what did we learn?

  • Windows 10 provides DirectX 12, a games bar and an Xbox app.
  • Windows 10 provides a “cleaner” experience.


If you’re not a big “specs” type of person you might be wondering what DirectX 12 is. DirectX 12 is a sort of API (application programming interface) designed to handle tasks related to rendering 2D and 3D vector graphics, rendering video and playing audio on the Windows platform. Essentially, DirectX 12 is going to make games and videos look and sound badass!

The games bar is a neat feature provided by Windows 10 which allows gamers to broadcast their gameplay, record their gameplay and a button which captures the last 30 seconds of your screen. So if you do something awesome in a game and you wasn’t recording, quickly hit the button and you will have a small 30 second clip of it. Very useful indeed!

Lastly Windows 10 provides an Xbox application where the user can connect their Xbox to their monitor wirelessly. It isn’t a major feature but saves a lot of messing around if you play both Xbox and PC games. Simply plug in your Xbox controller and away you go gaming!

Post Author: Jason Wood

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