Windows 10: Using The File History Feature

In a world surrounded by technology we are always storing important data onto our systems, especially on our home computers. We store things from pictures, information, work and even often our passwords. Believe it or not, a lot of people create their own password managers on their computer; simply just a text file with their passwords.

Now although we heavily trust our smart computers, from time to time they often encounter problems. Usually, if the problem is that serious, we find ourselves just wanting to reset our computer back to factory new or revert back to a time when the computer was good. Often, our files can become corrupt in many different ways and it can save people so much effort if we was able to go back to a time when the files were not corrupt; almost like a time machine.

Professional video uploaded to YouTube there by BTNHD. So, what did we learn?

  • You can backup your file history through a external drive.
  • You can choose what folders to backup.
  • You can view previous file history.


Windows 10 defiantly worked very well on creating such an impressive process of backing up your files. As stated before, backing up and viewing previous files can often be a serious process. People trust their personal and valuable data with their computers and therefore being able to view and backup data should be efficient and easy to do through to use of a nice interface.

Post Author: Jason Wood

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