Windows 10: Screenshot Features

Often times we may find ourselves needing to screenshot our desktop. Maybe we need to share a quick moment with people, share the screen to show a technical problem etc. Whatever the reason, it is good to know that Windows 10 offers various screenshot features. Most desktops come with a “prt sc” button which simply just takes a quick screen print but often, quality isn’t great and it may further require cropping.

Professionally made YouTube video by ‘Windows10update‘, we learnt a few new things which are presented in Windows 10 to do with screenshot features.

  • Use the Windows Key + Print Screen button to capture the screen.
  • Pre-installed “Snipping Tool” to set a screenshot region.
  • Use Microsoft Snip – Much more advanced!


There you have it! Short and sweet. In that video a demonstration was used to show the multiple features in which Windows 10 has to offer. It also included an external option used for Windows 10 users which is a more advanced version of the Snipping Tool. It allows for more after-editing to the screenshot which could come in handy if you’re taking screenshots for a presentation.

Post Author: Jason Wood

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