Windows 10: How To Reset Computer & Start Over

Sometimes enough is enough. We’ve all had them moments in tech history where we one day sit back and realise that our personal computers are just filled with junk! It is no secret that if you’re an internet cultured, tech person you spend a lot of your time saving, downloading, writing, viewing, bookmarking, storing etc. Our personal computers overtime get clogged with stuff which has no real meaning.

Sometimes however our computers just start acting up. We have to remember they are just machines and machines tend to have an attitude of randomly breaking and doing weird stuff for no reason. And now what do we all often wish we could do when our computers become clogged or are glitching out every time we use it? That’s right, send that baby back to factory settings!

What did we learn? Like every operating system whether it be Windows or Mac there should always be an option to fully clean your system. With Windows 10, what were some of the key options we observed in the tutorial?

  • You can simply remove apps and settings but keep your files during one option of wiping your Windows 10 system back to factory new.
  • You have the second option to remove everything. From your personal files, apps, settings etc. This will fully restore to factory settings making it seem brand new.


So how did he do it? Simply visit the action center icon in the bottom-right taskbar. Visit the all settings option and then select update and security. Here you can navigate in the left bar to recovery and then hit get started on the ‘reset this PC’ option. Easy as it can be!

Post Author: Jason Wood

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