Top 5 Programming Resources

Programming. A skill learnt to a basic standard by many but only mastered by few. Programming has become more and more popular in not only young people but adults. Having the ability to program offers a possible future in carers which pay exceptional wages. Programming also allows you to simply make new things.

Today, we have designed a list of the best programming resources online to help jump start your learning. Many of these resources are free but we have compiled some fee-based ones as they offer amazing support in helping you become a professional programmer.


Source: hongkiat

A free, fun, interactive platform to learn the basics of programming.
Easy to follow and track your progress!


Source: entrepreneur

More of an official platform. You can pay for certain courses
and receive certificates. There are also free introductions.


Source: ted blog

Similar to Codecademy. You have an interactive platform
to learn how to code. Easy to use interface also.


Source: learntocodewith

Free online learning platform. All of the service is
project based. You learn by building a project.


Source: informationweek

Similar to Coursera. You have many courses which
you can learn from. Not just programming also.

Post Author: Jason Wood

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