Top 5 Mobile Phones Of 2016

We all use them. Whether we like them or hate them, almost everybody today has a mobile phone and the reasons are easy to understand. They allow wide-spread communication, keeping us in-touch with our loved ones, friends and acquaintances. Because of this, they also offer security. A mobile phone can be the life saver in a dangerous situation as they allow communication to emergency services.

But these were the primary benefits of having a mobile phone but as years go by the mobile phone keeps offering us more and more possibilities. From the small things such as allowing us to listen to music, take photographs and record videos to the more advanced features like using apps to support our life styles. With this all being said, what are the most advanced and efficient mobile devices for us here in 2016?


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For those who love a simple interface phone. The Nexus 6P holds
Android Marshmallow OS, front-facing stereo speakers and great
camera quality for all the Instagram users out there!


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One of the most current popular mobile phones alongside the Apple
iPhone. The S7 gives 5.1-inch quad-HD display and 4GB RAM for all
those who do a lot of multitasking on their devices.


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The iPhone 6S is currently the most popular and latest mobile phone to
be launched by the famous, beautiful designed Apple. The 6S offers a
larger screen, quick processing, powerful capability and great
quality camera.

4. LG G5

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The LG G5 is a surprise mobile phone because LG have never been a leading
competition in the mobile industry. However, the G5 is an innovative and
advanced device for the recent culture. The device has a slick interface
and unlike other devices allows attachments to increase camera and
audio quality.


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The OnePlus 3 is a underated but advanced device for all loving Android
users. The phone is fair priced for the features it offers. It holds a
premium look and feel and is fast enough to go head to head with
competing phones.

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