Top 5 Mobile Business Apps

Business is always growing and with it comes more business-minded people. Back when the desktop computer was made it became a massive tool for businesses to manage most tasks but now business is always on the move. Every day millions of business people travel using planes, trains and cars. So how are they going to do their business work on the move? Carry around a laptop all day? I guess, but what about going even further and using a normal phone? Here are some of the best business apps which you can download on your phone!


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Everyone is familiar with Microsoft Office. If you’ve used
a Windows PC you will most likely know exactly what great,
useful tools Office can offer!


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With Evernote, you can clip bits and pieces of information from
the web, tag them for easy searching, and alter any of them by
adding to it, condensing it, or embedding pictures, tables,
audio, video, and the like. You can also use Evernote for
organic notes and journaling, to-do lists, recipes,
contacts, and even storage for tweets or emails
that you want to keep handy.


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Hammer business fundamentals with SmartUp. The app features new
content every day, consisting of quizzes, games, case studies,
and more that cover entrepreneurship and innovation.


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A very simple yet good-to-have application for all busy business
people. Colornote is rather self-explanatory – you make notes
and can color code them and date them.


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A great application for anybody involved in money management. Expense
Manager allows users to track their business expenses making it that
much easier to keep track of fiance when on the move!

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