Top 3 Security Software

Every system, whether it be personal or work, should be equipped with security. As a society which heavily uses computers and laptops we should take into account just how important our security and privacy is. After all, the internet is a large place filled with different people and different tools. Just like the real world, the internet can approach us with threats in many different ways. Sometimes all it can take is for you to enter a website and you could be under immediate threat.

So for you, we have brought you a list of security software you should look into in order to help protect your personal information, files and general privacy:


Source: techradar

One of the most powerful and professional security software’s.
Easy to use interface and many features for a good price.
Cost: £29.99/YEAR.


Source: pcadvisor

Excellent interface for the user. All round a good
security software for the average computer user.
Cost: £37.79/YEAR.


Source: pcmag

Highly accurate spam filter. Tough firewall. Good
user-interface and password manager.
Cost: £33.29/YEAR.

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