Top 3 Game Streaming Platforms

With the gaming industry booming along with it comes to viewership of gaming. It might come a surprise to most people, but the industry of people watching other people play video games online is massive! Some people can’t seem to understand this concept, they often wonder: “why not just play the video game yourself” but if you’re big into games, being a viewer is just like a person watching their favourite football or baseball team.

Viewership of gaming goes further however as viewers often seek a good player for entertainment. Anybody can stream themselves playing a video game but on most platforms, the most subscribed/followed is the one who plays good and can entertain at the same time. Today, we are going to cover the top streaming platforms for gaming!


Source: pcmag is the leading streaming platform and offers such a great community, high
quality streaming settings and a great interface. Many popular streamers have made
a great living on the site through subscription services.

Each month the site gets average:

  • 88,000,000 Global Visits.
  • 197,000,000 Global Views.
  • 17,000,000 Global Uniques.


Source: thatvideogameblog

Azubu, being one of Twitch’s main competitors comes in with a dark, clean design
and an updated video player. The video streaming service has an open platform
that can be individually designed by its users, making it easier to get their
live feeds online.


Source: siliconangle

HitBox comes in as a major competitor to Twitch. It holds probably the best design
and interface out of all platforms however lacks the system power and community as
Twitch. However, this service is defiantly worth using if you plan to make a living
off streaming as Twitch is rather saturated.

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