Top 3 Game Streaming Platforms

With the gaming industry booming along with it comes to viewership of gaming. It might come a surprise to most people, but the industry of people watching other people play video games online is massive! Some people can’t seem to understand this concept, they often wonder: “why not just play the video game yourself” but […]

Top 5 Gaming Headsets

With the growing popularity of competitive gaming it is important that product-making companies understand the need a player wants. Every player, not only competitive, wants comfort and effective equipment. In competitive gaming, a headset is a crucial piece of equipment. It offers communication between team members, enables players to possibly hear enemy footsteps and simply […]

Top 5 Gaming Laptops

If you know a thing or two about hardcore gaming on PC, you’ll know that having a neat desktop setup is the dream of all time. Having them duel monitors, a monster desktop, matte black keyboard and a smooth mouse! Just the thought of it drives every gamer mad! But what about if you’re on […]

Top 7 Gaming Mouses

In the world of competitive gaming, a good setup is crucial to your performance. Today, companies are designing gaming mouses, keyboards, headsets and even chairs to enable the player to perform better. So today, for all you competitive gamers or even casual gamers, we have compiled a nice list of the best gaming mouses for […]

Windows 10: What It Has For Gamers

Microsoft have done an excellent job at optimizing their operating system for the gaming industry. Nearly all PC gaming is done on the Windows system nowadays due to Microsoft delivering powerful performance in games. Although you can still play games on Apple products, you’re likely to find more hardware and tools to fine-tune performance with […]

Top 5 Computer Microphones

Often times we may find ourselves needing to communicate online for various reasons. Some of us may want to make videos, talk in games, work from home or simply just talk to friends and family. Whatever the reason, it is always important to have a good microphone so your listener doesn’t get annoyed. Here we […]

Top 5 Gaming Keyboards

Just like most computer peripherals, the keyboard is an important part of a setup, especially when it comes to gaming. A keyboard needs to comfortable, effective and most of all… have a beautiful design. The keyboard, just like the mouse and monitors give off a design look to outsiders viewers. So it is important to […]

Top 5 Communication Platforms For Gamers

Gaming is a growing community and market. Every year more money is spent on designing and publishing new games due to the huge popularity around games. One area of gaming which is becoming popular is eSports – the competitive field of gaming. Competitive gaming is a growing sport which is getting near popular as real […]