Top 3 Game Streaming Platforms

With the gaming industry booming along with it comes to viewership of gaming. It might come a surprise to most people, but the industry of people watching other people play video games online is massive! Some people can’t seem to understand this concept, they often wonder: “why not just play the video game yourself” but […]

Top 3 Live Streaming Software

Each year we make new technological advances. We first started with image sharing and then it was video sharing. Now, video live streaming is a growing niche. Platforms such as Twitch which allow users to live stream video games is a growing company. It has become such a success that in late 2014, Amazon bought […]

Top 5 Computer Microphones

Often times we may find ourselves needing to communicate online for various reasons. Some of us may want to make videos, talk in games, work from home or simply just talk to friends and family. Whatever the reason, it is always important to have a good microphone so your listener doesn’t get annoyed. Here we […]