Facebook: Stop It From Tracking You

Many people are still unaware of how social networking platforms use your information for profit. Infact, most large sites use your personal information to gain profit. Usually, companies such as Facebook will use your information to sell you accurate targeted ads. You may have noticed this if you ever browse online shopping such as Amazon […]

How To Block Annoying Advertisements Online

Every internet surfer knows the annoyance of advertisements. It seems we get bombed with more advertisements online than anywhere else and the reason is simple: it is cheaper and easier. Nearly every website we visit in some way will have advertisements. Some sites are equipped with pop-up advertisements, some require you to watch a short […]

What Browser Should You Be Using in 2016?

If you’re not a huge tech person, you might be reading this using the pre-installed Internet Explorer browser but believe it or not there are many different internet browsers out there which you can download for free. Why might you want a different browser? Well different browsers offer different features. You might find another browser […]