Surf The Online Web Anonymously With Tor

If you’re a huge internet user you may have questioned your privacy online. We always hear in the news about how our Government might be spying on us but that seems a little far fetched right? That would be a lot of people.. Or a lot of spies! But one thing is for sure; online companies and businesses are tracking and storing our IP addresses which allows them to successfully aim interested advertisements at us.

Maybe you have never noticed or maybe you know exactly what I’m talking about. A good little test for you to try is to surf the internet for hand cream. Go on Amazon, Ebay and other sites scrolling through pages of hand cream and then go on your Facebook. You may very well find advertisements popping up for hand cream! But so what right? Companies can try sell us stuff we like by using our IP addresses but before you dismiss your privacy, check out what Mashable have to say about why maybe you should be using anonymous tools online:

So from the video, what did we learn about Tor. Well Tor is a browser just like Internet Explorer or Google Chrome which allows you to surf the internet a lot more freely. You will have access to what is called the “deep web” where some good and bad things occur. Tor allows you to surf anonymously online by (put simply) mashing up your IP address so you are harder to track and target by people and companies.

So who might use Tor?

  • Individuals working for the Government needing to communicate.
  • Law enforcement to go undercover in operations.
  • Journalists to protect work and sources.
  • Criminals to buy and sell illegal stuff.
  • Activists to safely organise protests.


Now the truth is if you’re not in the above list then maybe Tor isn’t your best option but that doesn’t mean you are privacy safe. Protecting your privacy should be a huge concern online. But if you’re just a regular person up to good stuff, just stick to your Chrome and Firefox.. Why not right?

Post Author: Jason Wood

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