Learning PHP

PHP is a very powerful, high-level programming language which mainly focuses on the backend/server-side of a site. If you’re new to web development, you might be confused on what exactly front-end and back-end development is and it is really easy to learn. Front-end is what you see; the design of the site. This would all be created through languages like HTML, CSS and maybe some Javascript. Back-end is the stuff you don’t see; the code which stores your profile data or the code that sends an email when you click the send button.

So what are some of the main reasons to use PHP? Well, PHP is still widely used mainly for databases. If your site is going to require saved data such as: usernames, passwords, emails, messages, forum threads and posts, then PHP (along with SQL) will be needed. PHP is a perfect language when it comes to database storage.

Along with the database however you are going to require a server. A server is needed to get your database and other technical things online so that your users can access their accounts or whatever. You may notice when a site is down it says “the server is offline” but yet the site is still running, this is because the front-end which is purely HTML and CSS is working so they can tell you the back-end, which is the database, is offline.

Post Author: Jason Wood

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