Install Mac OS On A Windows System

Why would you need the Mac operating system if you already have a Windows, right? Well believe it or not many of our technical computer wizards out there tend to use multiple operating systems. Why? Different operating systems are good for certain things. As time has went on many popular companies like Apple and Microsoft have pushed their operating systems to be powerful in a certain area of computing.

When we look at Windows we see a powerful system suitable for playing high quality video games and live streaming. We see a system which has some basic, pre-installed software but is rather easy to navigate. Great for a beginner right? But what about Mac? If you didn’t know, Mac operating system is good for its own reasons such as: fewer viruses, less maintenance, good design software, production software.

‘But I can’t be spending all that money buying both a Windows computer and a Mac computer!’ – Well luckily you don’t have too. Take a look at this short video below…

So what did we just learn about virtual machines?

  • A virtual machine (or virtual box) is software which allows you to download and use different operating systems.
  • You can download operating systems from all types and versions. From old versions of the Mac or current versions of Linux.
  • It is totally free but you might need to check your system specs to ensure you can run another operating system without failure.


Virtual machines allow you to download and work in different systems. This is extremely useful for the likes of anyone involved in technician or development work. A technician might find a virtual machine useful as they can boot up Linux on a Windows system. Linux would be good for things such as servers or hacking. A developer might boot up Mac OS on Windows so they can program Apple mobile applications, something which is really hard to do on Windows OS.

Post Author: Jason Wood

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