Increase Online Login Security Using LastPass

As time goes on and the internet gets larger and larger almost like the expanding universe we encounter more and more threats to our cyber life. From DDoS attacks threatening our websites, social engineering threatening our online banking and password crackers threatening pretty much everything we have online. All these crimes happen day to day and we as normal people assume we won’t be targeted but infact hackers tend to not target somebody but instead everybody.

Now you might be reading this thinking ‘oh my password is 6 characters, I don’t need to worry’ but believe it or not, most people still use basic passwords such as qwerty and 123456. Sure, maybe those passwords will keep you secure for some time but if a criminal hacker targeted your accounts the first passwords they would try are those exact ones.

But wait! I have a 6 character password which isn’t a simple 123456 type’. Well, let me welcome you to bruteforcing. Bruteforcing is a known hacker tactic where a piece of software will enter thousands of password combinations each second trying to crack your password. If you have a password such as noitispatrick then sure, no hacker will guess that but a bruteforce software could crack it in maybe a few hours. So, what should you do?

So that was LastPass, a service accessible as software, browser extension and mobile app. Now what exactly did we learn in that video about LastPass?

  • LastPass can generate long, complex passwords for each account.
  • It can be used as an extension to easily login to your accounts.
  • LastPass itself uses strong security methods to protect itself.


So using LastPass you can generate very long, complicated passwords making any brute force attacks against one of your accounts take a long period of time (months). You can generate a different password per account stored so for example: Google, YouTube, Email, Amazon etc.

LastPass can also launch your accounts from the site so that you don’t always have to copy and paste your generated password for each site. The LastPass service is very efficient and should definitely be a used service to protect your online accounts.

Post Author: Jason Wood

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