How To Upgrade To Windows 10 From Windows 8.1 Free

So if you are currently running on the all powerful Windows 8.1 you may have noticed the option to upgrade your operating system to the all new Windows 10. Since the launch of Windows 10 there have been many arguments for and against using it. Although it does come with some nice new features and advanced software it does also come with forced auto-updates and other small, annoying bugs.

Nevertheless, Windows 10 offers an amazing new experience for the users and is constantly being updated wiping out all the negative things which people point out on the Microsoft forums. But some other issues may occur to you when facing the choice to upgrade to Windows 10; will you keep your data? Will this upgrade wipe all your files? Let us take a look…

Brilliant video published by MapleTronics which demonstrates how to go about making an upgrade from Windows 8.1/7 into Windows 10 as a clean install. This means the user will not lose any of their files, documents, photos etc. Here are some key points made in the video:

  • Download the upgrade tool from the Microsoft website.
  • Install Windows 10 once downloaded the upgrade tool.


Simple as pie, right? Following the rest of the video demonstrates how to go about a clean install ensuring you get the most out of Windows 10. It is worth watching and following if you wish to get the full potential out of your new operating system.

Post Author: Jason Wood

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