Facebook: Stop It From Tracking You

Many people are still unaware of how social networking platforms use your information for profit. Infact, most large sites use your personal information to gain profit. Usually, companies such as Facebook will use your information to sell you accurate targeted ads. You may have noticed this if you ever browse online shopping such as Amazon or eBay. Often times, if you’re browsing for example “phone cases” and then you go on Facebook or Twitter, you may notice advertisements popping up trying to sell you phone cases.

Now to some people this isn’t an issue but for others it is a high privacy concern. Most people feel uncomfortable with allowing a company to use and exploit their searching trends for profit. So, what are some of the ways you can avoid companies such as Facebook tracking your data?

A professional video posted to YouTube by Tech Insider explains just how you can go about avoiding getting tracked by Facebook using either an iPhone, Android or even Google Chrome on the desktop. The video gives a very basic explanation also as to what these companies do with your personal information and searching trends.

Key points to highlight:

  • iPhone: Settings>Privacy>Advertising>Limit Ad Traffic
  • Android: Settings>Accounts & Sync>Google>Ads>Opt Out
  • Browser: Settings>Advanced Settings>Privacy>Do Not Request


And there you have it! A simple, quick way to limit the advertisement trends you will receive on Facebook on multiple platforms. Remember, the browser method above is aimed at Google Chrome however it is a similar method for all browsers whether it be Firefox or IE.

Post Author: Jason Wood

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