An Interview With Tech Professional Caleb Curry About Programming

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Us here at GigaDigita got the delight to speak with Caleb Curry, a tech professional who delivers excellent, professional content on YouTube. Most of his work is primarily tutorial based teaching others various subjects. With just under 25,000 subscribers, Caleb has a total of 2.6 million views on his channel and his most viewed video sits at an incredible 176,000 views!

Caleb has covered various subjects from MySQL, Python, Javascript, PHP and many more. Caleb also has another great channel in which him and his wife do vlogging (video blogs). The pair share an incredible bond and help deliver happiness into the world. So because of the great knowledge Caleb holds and his great attitude to helping, we thought to interview him and see what he had to say about programming and its impact in society.

What is code and why is it important?

Simply put, code is any language used to make a computer do something. You can think of
code as the DNA of computer software. Code is important because everything that makes
technology work starts with code. Code is behind the magic of nearly everything in
existence today.

Do you feel programming should be a mandatory class in schools?

No. If we force an abundance of computer science classes in public schools, we should
expect an equal abundance of bad teachers, confused students, and a general
misunderstanding of computer programming, its benefits, and its beauty.

How has becoming a programmer affected your life?

Learning programming has changed my life. Programming is what I do. I love it. Programming
has Improved my Character. Not only has it brought me joy and excitement, but it has helped
me develop discipline, diligence, and patience.

Programming has improved my creativity and intellect. When I’m given a challenge in programming,
I am motivated to think creatively. I’m challenged to focus for extended periods of time thinking
through possible solutions and avoiding common pitfalls of computer programming. Do you
want to train your brain and develop problem solving skills? Don’t waste your time on
a cross word puzzle. Learn to code!

Programming has improved my academics. When I focus so much of my life on computer science and
programming, I start to see how knowledge is to my benefit. The more I learn, the more I can
achieve. The more I understand, the quicker I learn new languages and understand
methodologies. What used to be boring has become fun and useful.

Chemistry? Let’s learn about conductivity and electricity. Physics? This could be useful in developing
a physics engine or be practical in renewable energy. Anatomy and physiology? This could be applied
in the development of prosthetics. Writing? This can be applied to technical writing, software docs,
and general professionality. This new way of thinking has affected my study habits, GPA and class

Programming has improved my health. Every day I am faced with a trial regarding health. Spinal pain,
sciatica, sickness, nausea, brain fog, anxiety, you name it. I’ve been slowly recovering from
Lyme Disease. As I believe God has given me a second chance to have a healthy life, I am
much more health conscious. What does this have to do with programming? Everything!

How good I think and how good I feel is directly related to my diet, exercise, the amount of stress in my
life, and my sleeping habits. I’m not perfect in this regards. In fact, I had a (delicious) bowl of Coco
Pebbles for breakfast. But in general, I have really improved my lifestyle. Never before have I
been so careful to remove toxic substances from my home, including heavy metals,
preservatives, various chemicals, GMOs, neurotoxins (*cough* fluoride *cough*),
endocrinedisruptors, and more.

Programming has improved my social skills. Just this month I went to a coding meetup I found on There are actually other people in this world who are complete geeks like me. Cool!

Programming has helped me spiritually. The logic behind computer programming can be equally applied
to Christianity (my religion) and the Bible. Because I am a software developer, I have an ability to
think through claims made by people and protect me and my family from deception and sacrilege.

Is there certain languages a programmer should 100% learn?

In my opinion, no. They are all tools to get different jobs done.

What are the best ways to go about learning to code?

Watch videos for general learning of a language and use Quizlet to make note cards. Get books to learn the
details of a language. Really focus on the fundamentals! Yes, a chapter on operators is justifiable. Skim now
and be a weak programmer later. The ultimate best way to learn to code is to code! Find a job as a software
developer if you can. Volunteer to build a website for your church or get involved with a non-profit
organization. Get involved in an open source project. In addition to coding yourself, find those who
are really good at coding and learn everything you can from them. The easiest way to improve is to
learn from the best. I have received help from those with more years of experience than I’ve been
alive and it is always extremely beneficial to talk to them.

Lastly, where do you see programming taking us in the next 10 – 20 years?

I think we can all expect that coding will become more and more popular as the majority of jobs start to shift from manual labor positions to IT and computer science positions. Let’s try not to think that technology is evil because it causes a lot of workers to be replaced with computers. The truth is that as more and more repetitive jobs shut down, more and more maintenance, IT, and software development jobs open up. I’m not saying that I am for or against this shift. I am just saying that it is happening.

What a great interview with Caleb. So what did we learn from the opinions of a professional techie? We learnt that coding is something which builds technology, a very important aspect to advancing the future of technology. We learnt many ways in which learning to code can affect your life for the greater good. And lastly, Caleb was even able to tell us how he believes programming will increase further jobs however also rid of some. I guess programming will offer a balance in jobs but personally, I like the thought of becoming a programmer!

If you want to check out the professional, hard work Caleb delivers then be sure to follow the links below.

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