10 Mind Blowing YouTube Stats

YouTube, as almost everybody knows, is the most popular video sharing platform online. YouTube, along with sites such as Facebook and Twitter hold so much popularity that individuals with big followings on the site are turning into millionaires due to the massive outreach in advertising.

YouTube, like other sites, offer users with huge followings to monetize their content basically meaning they can make money off their published content. How this works on YouTube is: a user will upload a video, people will watch it and be greeted with an advert, the user then makes money from people watching the advert. And as you can guess, the more views equals the more money. Famous YouTubers such as KSI, PewDiePieand LeafyIsHere are making thousands of dollars per video due to their videos being watched over a million times each!

With all that being said however, what are some interesting YouTube stats of 2016..?

1) 400 hours of video is uploaded per minute.

2) YouTube has over one billion users.

3) 50% of YouTube’s viewers are on mobile.

4) Most watched video is Gangnam Style.

5) 80% of views are from outside the US.

6) YouTube started as a dating site.

7) The first video was “Me at the zoo”.

8) Most searched topic is “Music”.

9) The founders came from PayPal.

10) 82% of US internet users between 14 – 17 use YouTube.

Post Author: Jason Wood

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