10 Mind Blowing Google Stats Of 2016

Google is often referred to as the heart of the internet. It connects everything online. You need to find someone or something you just simply Google it. Now although most people see Google as just a search engine it is important to remember Google is affiliated with many different projects which are helping to advance our society. From Google cars to AI robots, Google is always surprising us with new, advanced technology.

So with all that being said, I have compiled some fascinating facts to do with Google. All these facts have been sourced from ExpandedRamblings.

1) Google has an average 2 trillion annual searches.

2) Over 100 billion searches per month.

3) Average of 2.3 million per second.

4) 11 billion searches monthly from US desktops.

5) Google share of US search market: 75%.

6) Number of web searches indexed is 60 trillion.

7) All of Google’s internet services has 2 billion lines of code.

8) Mobile Google searches via voice: 20%.

9) US state that uses Google the least: Mississippi.

10) US state that uses Google the most: Utah.

Post Author: Jason Wood

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