10 Mind Blowing Facebook Stats Of 2016

Who isn’t on Facebook? I mean really, even your grandmother is on Facebook. It seems that today we are all connected whether we like it or not. Just type in a name and location in the search and you’ll have a good chance at finding who you want. Facebook is currently the leading social platform online and we have compiled some mind blowing statistics to prove just how crazy a website like Facebook is!

Facebook statistics gathered by expandedramblings.
Statistics from July 2016.

1) Facebook has 1.09 billion daily active users.

2) The country with most active users is Canada.

3) Males have on average 145 friends.

4) Females have on average 166 friends.

5) Active users spend over 20 minutes on average per day.

6) Daily active users in US & Canada is 167,000,000.

7) Estimated number of American users by 2018 is 169.2 million.

8) Number of daily video views on Facebook is 8 billion views.

9) Daily active users in Asia is 300,000,000.

10) Size of user data that Facebook stores is 300 petabytes.

Post Author: Jason Wood

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